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About Us


Tizi is a brand that celebrates diversity through fashion no matter their shape or size. Listening to women share their insecurities about wearing colour and patterns, Tiziana decided to embark on a journey to design clothes balancing both comfort and elegance.


“The women who wear my clothes are not afraid to be feminine and bold at the same time”


Tiziana is very proud to be an Australian owned, designed and made business. Through this process she can easily control the quality of each piece produced. She also limits quantities giving consumers a much desired exclusivity.


Fascinated by the history of silk and wanting to keep to natural materials, she uses a silk satin fabric for her first collection. Through digital printing, all patterns are created by Tiziana.

A little bit about Tiziana...

She was born and raised in Montreal, Canada to Italian immigrant parents. Worked for the family business in fashion, learning the different elements of the industry. Spent many of her days designing from a young age including designing many of her own dresses. 

"I didn't play with Barbie when I was a kid, I spent all my time designing and making her clothes"

Tiziana’s inspiration comes from her late father Gianni, who was a clothing manufacturer, tailor, and consultant for over 50 years and her mother Teresa, who made many of her clothes and had  impeccable style.


Continuing her love affair with design she went on to study Interior Architecture, later moving to London, England. You will find all of her many experiences and world travels are woven throughout each of her creations.


Tiziana moved to Perth, Australia in 2002 with her husband and had 3 beautiful boys. Being surrounded by males, she has made it her mission to exemplify what a woman is and take the leap to make fashion her career at 46, telling HER story.

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